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What is Eye Media?

Eye Media Solutions Inc. is your one-stop online and offline marketing solution hub. We are a dynamic team specializing in various facets of media sourcing, from website design to printing services, translation and creative writing.
Eye Media specializes in innovative design, creative solutions and customized products to give you the results your business needs.


We offer a wide range of service packages for any project. Contact us, and our representatives will help you pick a right one!

Print Services

Our creative team has over 10 years of experience in print services. Whether you are starting up a new business or giving your present one a face-lift, our team will help you design flyers, business cards and posters which will express the uniqueness of your company. Interested in the printed word? We have extensive experience in newspaper and community newsletter printing, and can help you design and create your own newspaper for circulation.

Print services are presently available in English, French and Arabic, with many more international languages coming soon! (Look out for our updates on printing services being available in Urdu, Farsi, Russian and Mandarin).

A list of pricing options for smaller jobs can be found below. For bigger jobs, drop us an email and we’ll be certain to get back to you with a quote within 3 business days or less!

Distribution Services in Ottawa and soon Toronto

Distribution in Ottawa can be for any form of written media – flyers, booklets, pamphlets and business cards. Door to door delivery is not available at this time. Distribution coming to Toronto soon! Stay tuned for updates on this and future developments on our Blog.

Newspaper Layout / Newsletter Design

With over 10 years of experience in newspaper layout design and printing, Eye Media Solutions is a community leader in independent news sources. Our paper has been in circulation in Ottawa since 2002, has thousands of readers, both online and in print in Ottawa and internationally. Eye Media has gained valuable expertise in the field of newspaper design and printing. Our team will help you bring your newspaper or local paper dreams into a reality, helping you step by step in the creative and production process.

Customized templates and layouts will help you convey the information you’re seeking to distribute, while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance to your paper. Eye Media will assist you in not only the design, but also in printing and distribution. Contact us today for a free quote on a customized package!

Website Design

Eye Media will help you create a dynamic and visually interactive website to showcase your company’s assets and communicate your expertise to your client base. Starting at only $499 CAD, we can help you create an innovative platform which will be your organization’s representation in the virtual world. With intelligent, efficient design, and well-thought out layouts, Eye Media will help you create the website that your business actually needs and one which it will benefit from.

Start-up kits include: basic CMS website, template design, and installation on server. From here, further customization is available, and can be added on as needed. These extras included (but are not limited to): payment gateways, customized features such as colour palettes, themes, extensive template design, domain registration, hosting, etc.

If you’re looking at your very own customized unique look for your website, we can help! Our creative team can create you a website from scratch and customized it’s functionality as you want it to be.

Eye Media also provides support plans for post-launching sites on a weekly / monthly / periodic basis for maintenance and updates.

Contact us today to get your free website design quote and consultation!

E-Newsletter Template Design

Are you an international company with a wide geographical following? Or a start up looking to expand and reach a higher number of consumers? The best way to connect with your followers, readers, or users of your products and services is through an online newsletter, or e-newsletter.

Our team will help you create and customize the perfect e-newsletter template to meet your company’s needs. Whether you are trying to convey important information about your recent products and services, update your followers on your achievements, or provide much requested answers to FAQs, our e-newsletter template designs will help you make the most out of your mailing list.

Identity Services (Logo design / Business Card / Letter head / e-newsletter / menu layouts)

Eye Media’s identity services offers new and established business an opportunity to tap into their internal talent and culture and establish an organizational identity on which to build or improve their reputation and online/offline presence. Identify services will help your business market it’s expertise and assets and establish your personalized message and vision.

Identity services include logo design, which with the help of our ingenious graphic designer can bring your vision to life. Combine this with unforgettable business card and company letter head design, and your organization will be equipped with strong self-representation and unique authenticity.

Are you the owner of a restaurant? Our creative writer and graphic designer will work hand in hand to create lively and sophisticated menus to convey the succulence of your restaurant’s culinary creations.

Contact Eye Media today and we will be happy to provide you with your own customized quote, free of charge.

Ad Design & 2D/3D Animation

Whether you are looking to create an ad to show off your core business functions, or advertisements for events or company promotions and innovation, or an animated banner to use on a website – we are here to help. Our team can help you customize your ads or animation to effectively communicate your message through to your target audience. Using clever designs and visually inspiring imagery, we will help you create ads or animation that grab – and keep – people’s attention.

Eye Media can provide ads in any of these file formats: PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, AVI, MPEG, and source files (Illustrator .ai, Indesign .ind/.indd, AfterEffects .aep, etc.)

Image Re-touching

Do you have images or products or people that needs re-touching? Eye Media can re-touch images to correct colours, remove unwanted backgrounds, remove wrinkles off clothes, make edges sharper, and much more. We use the most advanced software to give you back your pictures looking great!

Online Banner Design for Google / Facebook / MSN / Yahoo

Eye Media recognizes the importance of establishing an online presence for your business. We specialize in online banner designs for Google, Facebook, MSN and Yahoo to name a few. This includes showcase, sky-scrappers platforms. Further to this service, we offer ad campaign services as well as search engine optimization (SEO), where Eye Media edits the content, HTML and associated coding in order to optimize the search result and increase your business’ presence online.


Want to attain a more global audience and attract international clients? Our expert team of translators will help you translate your message to many world languages, including: Arabic, French, Farsi, Urdu, Russian and Mandarin. Whether you are looking to expand your business to other countries, or would like to express your written or online content in other languages in order to communicate with a larger number of people – our translation services are quick, efficient and affordable.

All of the above mentioned languages can be translated to or from English. Contact Eye Media today for a free quote!

Please contact Eye Media today for a free quote and consultation to see which service would most benefit your organization.

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